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When you want quality air conditioning repair, boiler repair, furnace repair, and more in Albany and beyond, Wheeler Heating & Cooling is your best bet. We’re the HVAC contractors you can rely on when you want affordable HVAC installation and repairs. From oil-to-gas conversion to heat pump repairs, you can rest assured that our experienced team of heating contractors will keep your home comfortable year round.

Heat Pump Repair and Install

Although heat pumps are usually the furthest thing from a homeowner’s mind, they actually do a lot to help keep a home comfortable all year long. They offer an affordable way to save heat by transferring it around the home. This not only offers comfort but also works to provide cost-effective energy efficiency. However, homeowners can only get these amazing benefits when their heat pumps are in perfect working order. If there’s a problem with your heat pump, you need the heater repair pros at Wheeler Heating & Cooling. We provide heat pump repair and installation services for homeowners in Albany and throughout the surrounding areas. Call us today to get precise, effective answers to your heat pump problems!

Quality Heat Pump Repair Services

When you notice a problem with your heat pump, you should act fast and put in a call to the professionals at Wheeler Heating & Cooling. Whether your unit is cycling on and off all the time or your home is not being heated or cooled properly, our team of fully insured heater repair pros can tackle the problem with ease. With 35 years of experience to rely on, we’ll be able to expertly spot issues that less experienced technicians may overlook. When you turn to us for help with heat pump air conditioner repair, you can rest assured that you’ll get comprehensive repair services that last.

Expert Heat Pump Installation Services

In addition to providing heat pump repairs, the pros at Wheeler Heating & Cooling also provide heat pump installation services. Installing a heat pump, just like working on a heat pump repair, is specialized work that requires hands-on experience and expertise. Whether your old unit is just worn out or you’re working on a new construction, the heat pump air conditioner technicians at Wheeler Heating & Cooling can offer you the help you need to install heat pumps of all sizes. We’ll work quickly to offer you superior heat pumps installation services, so you can enjoy a comfortable home and the benefits of energy savings.

No matter what your needs for heat pump service might be, the team at Wheeler Heating & Cooling is here to meet them. From heat pump installation to heat pump repairs, we have the tools and the experience necessary to offer you flawless results time and time again. Contact us right away to learn more about our services or to get a free estimate from one of our heat pumps installers!

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